To save you a possible service call… Try these easy solutions to garage door problems.

Remote(s) Not Working/Short Range

  • Change your batteries
  • Codes may have been lost due to a power outage or power surge. Re-program your remote.
  • Remote too close to inside roof of car.

To re-program your Liftmaster remote: (Call for other remote programming)

  1. Push button on your remote.
  2. Push “Smart Button” (square, green) on the back of your opener.

To erase all remote codes:

  1. Push “Smart Button” (square, green) on the back of your opener and hold it for about 15 seconds.
  2. The light will flash and you can let go.

Door only goes down part way, stops and goes back up/Door dose not close. Lights on opener flashing.

  • Check photo eyes (small black boxes on the framing near the bottom of your garage door). Make sure the lights are on in both eyes. If no lights are on, call for service.
  • If one photo eye light is on, but the other light is off, they have been knocked out of alignment. Take the photo eye with the light that is off and move it until the light comes on. There is a small butterfly bolt that you can loosen to move the photo eyes into alignment. Be sure to tighten the butterfly bolt after you make your adjustments. Also check to make sure the vibration of the door does not make the photo eye go off again.

Opener motor runs but door does not close.

  • Chain off sprocket or belt broken or Spring(s) broken. Do you see a 2″ gap in coils?

Opener light does not come on when door opens.

  • Burned out bulb or bad light socket on the opener.

Opener light does not go off after the delay period.

  • Is the work light switch on?
  • Is the photo eye beam being tripped by someone or something passing in front of it?